T-Battle-App will enable tennis players finding inspiring play opportunities by just some clicks, everywhere at any time.

At the same time it will help the participating Tennis-Clubs, Court-Managers and Tennis Coaches to market their offering with ease. From finding new club members down to offer free training/court capacity to the T-Battle community.


We will start In October 2018 with 5 to be selected German tennis-clubs/court-owners/tennis-schools and its members&customers.

The app will be launched in Germany first. You can learn more by clicking here (German sites)

Spielerliste 1.PNG

The Web-Site has the target to provide a list-like service to people who just don't find a play partner because of the lack of transparency of players close by. does not require registration, but you can quickly put yourself on the list and ask family, friends and other to do the same. Once the database is big enough, we'll provide a secure way to bring people together to "do what they love the most". Click here (German)